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Avio International Group is a Swiss Holding company, fouded in 2007 with the financial support of American and Canadian's private investors.
The Company has a technical team of highly respected and talented engineers and technicians with manu years of experience in General Aviation sector.
Avio International actually includes three aeronautical companies:

               - Swiss Avio Engineering S.A.
               - Dragon Fly Helicopters S.r.l.
               - General Avia International S.r.l.
Avio International is responsible for the financial management of all Group companies.


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Avio International Group is the first aircraft's manufactures in the world to develop a piston twin-engine helicopter with weight under 600 Kg, named Twin-Power SK-1 .
The twin-engine propulsion system produced by Swiss Motos ensures more than 130 HP Allowing the helicopter to fly safely even when one of two engines fails.
The main structure (chassis) of the SK-1 Twin-Power is realized in Titanium tubes, and it has great durability under tension and orrosion stress.
The fuel tank is anti-explosion and is positioned outside the cockpit.
The cabin and other structura components are realized with Advanced Composite Materials, which include Carbon Fiber, Expoxy resins, Honeycomb Nomex.
The result is to reduce aircraft weight, improve efficiency, redce duel consuption and offer better safety in case of emergency. The instruments pane has a modern design and can be equipped with a PFD/MFD digital instrumentation.
The SK-1 Twin-Power offers higher safety, better maneuverability, a cabin more rugged and confortable, and exercise costs more contained than other helicopters of its category.

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